San Francisco Social Diary: 2013 San Francisco Debutante Ball

At the 49th annual San Francisco Debutante Ball, 25 young women were presented to society.

For the 49th year in a row, 25 outstanding young women from the Bay Area, San Francisco, Marin, and Hillsborough were presented at the San Francisco Debutante Ball.

The 2013 event, held last month, was hosted by the Women’s Board of California Pacific Medical Center Foundation (CPMC) at the Westin St. Francis Hotel in Union Square.

More than 600 guests were on hand to observe the young women cross the threshold to adulthood by making their “bows” to society.

The young ladies in white dresses paraded onto the ballroom floor.

The fathers of the debutantes looked dapper in their formal tuxedos.

Escorts brought the young women to their fathers, who presented them to the crowd.

Under chairs Pamela Healy and Peggy Jones, the Ball raised $160,000 this year. Always designated to benefit the hospital in a specific way, the funds this year will support CPMC’s Pediatric Emergency Department, the first of its kind in San Francisco, dedicated exclusively to infants and children from birth to 18 years.

To benefit the hospital in another way, the CMPC committee encourages the debutantes to become the next generation of social volunteers.

At this family-oriented affair, young gentlemen escort the girls to their fathers, who then present the young women to friends and family in the ballroom. The escorts then squire the girls for the evening, serving as dance partners and providing a shoulder to lean on when they need a brief respite from maneuvering around the room in their elaborate gowns and high heels.

Elizabeth Locke Burkett and her escort Maximilian Edmund Betkowski, with Carlie Jane Burkhard and her escort Thomas Reed Burkhard.

Connolly Catherine Bottum and Cooper Edward Harrington-Fei.

Gordon Getty presented his granddaughter, Ivy Love Getty.

Terence Garnett and his daughter Morgan Elizabeth Garnett.

Steve Bottum and Connolly Catherine Bottum.

Raymond Lynch and Cassidy Judith Lynch.

David Siegel and Rebecca Joan Santos Siegel.

Farhad Hariri and Caroline Niloufar Hariri.

Nicole Katherine Vincelette and her escort, brother Cullen Vincelette.

Douglas Walker and Lauren Elizabeth Walker.

William Cleveland Burkett and Elizabeth Locke Burkett.

Ted Storey and Ella Sanford Storey.

Geoffrey Lines Tickner and Quincey Alice Tickner.

George Hecksher and Meaghan Jeanne Hecksher.

Caroline Sutherland Douglas Dicioccio making her debut onstage.

Phoebe Alexandra Boosalis with her escort, Henry Griffith Callander.

The poised debutantes and their escorts wore matching pink bouquets and boutonnieres.

Each year the debutante group includes numerous “legacies” whose families have a long-time connection to the charity. This year’s group included Megan Weber, daughter of Karen Weber, a former Ball chair and a Women’s Board member, and granddaughter of the late Beezie Weber, also a Women’s Board member. Megan’s father, as was his father before him, is a doctor at the CPMC.

Famed Mike Carney provided the music for the after-party that kept the young ladies in their long white gowns twirling around the room with their handsome dance partners.

In addition to passing the philanthropic torch to a new generation, debutante balls are a lovely occasion for young men and women to become acquainted and enjoy a magical night they will no doubt remember for a lifetime.

Ball Chair Pamela Healy and Women’s Board President Jennifer Biederbeck.

The evening’s dinner featured simple, elegant table settings.

Guests at the after-party enjoyed dancing to the music of Mike Carney.

Carlyn Heather Ann Williams and Rebecca Joan Santos Siegel.

Quincey Alice Tickner and escort Alden Frankel.

Alexis de Raadt-St. James with her daughter Olivia Lauren de Raadt-St. James.

Alexis de Raadt-St. James with her daughter Olivia Lauren de Raadt-St. James.

Ryan Harrison Kase, Courtney Maureen Carter, Hailey Michelle Carter, and Chad Phillips Bell.

Ella Sanford Storey, Chase Giannini, Maximilian Alexander Banta, and Gabrielle Livingston Banta.

Sophia and Adriana Banta were in attendance to support their debutante sister, Gabrielle Livingston Banta.

Cassidy Judith Lynch, Dillon Emerson Rich, and Nicole Katherine Vincelette.

Kiersten Cameron Hosie and Ariana Taylor Baum.

Debutante Ivy Love Getty with her grandmother, Ann Getty.

Virginia Sarah Girard with her mother, Ann Girard.

Marsha Monro, proud parents Ann and Daniel Girard, and Katie Jarman.

Farhad and Mojgan Hariri with their children, Caroline and Nicholas.

Emma Louise Rieser, Jack Joseph Benham, and Kiersten Cameron Hosie.

Diana Vaughn, Karen Weber and her daughter Megan Elise Weber, and Dorothy Nesbitt.

Francis Mullen, Carlyn Heather Ann Williams, and Heather Arst.

Megan Elise Weber enjoys a dance with her father, Peter Weber.

Ivy Getty and Colin Giannini.

Ann and Gordon Getty with Beth Townsend.

William James Price and Olivia Lauren de Raadt-St. James.

Nancy Kukacka and Jane Burkhard.

Zachary Daniel Reynolds and Ariana Taylor Baum.

Kelny Denebeim, Barbara Brown, Wendy Bolton, and Merrill Kaasper.

Haig and Lisa Harris.

Bill and Leigh Matthes with Bob Emery.

Barbara Brown, Melanie Hoefer, and Elaine Smith.

Chase, Cooksie, Beau, and Colin Giannini.

Harriet Love and Leigh Matthes.

Annie Matthews, Samantha Kaplan, Chiarra Davis, Olivia Larocca, and Maya Sommer.

Danielle Malott, Susan Malott, Linda Alm, and Morgan Malott.

Bruno and Urannia Ristow.

Lynn Callander and Brett Lilienthal.

Barbara Brown, Nancy Kukacka, and Billy Harris.

Bill Matthes and Larry Baer.

Craig Healy, Francis Mullen, and Jim Malott.

Peggy Jones and Stacey Dobos.

Bruce and Barbee Callander with Jacqueline Erdman.

Marsha Monro and Urannia Ristow.

Craig, Pamela, and George Healy.

In alphabetical order, the 2013 debutantes included Gabrielle Livingston Banta of Stinson Beach, Ariana Taylor Baum of San Francisco, Phoebe Alexandra Boosalis of Tiburon, Connolly Catherine Bottum of San Francisco, Elizabeth Locke Burkett of San Francisco, Carlie Jane Burkhard of Kentfield, Courtney Maureen Carter of San Francisco, Hailey Michelle Carter of San Francisco, Caroline Sutherland Douglas Dicioccio of Hillsborough, Morgan Elizabeth Garnett of Hillsborough, Ivy Love Getty of San Francisco, Virginia Sarah Girard of Hillsborough.

Others comprised Caroline Niloufar Hariri of Sausalito, Meaghan Jeanne Hecksher of San Francisco, Kiersten Cameron Hosie of Belvedere, Cassidy Judith Lynch of Tiburon, Emma Louise Rieser of Mill Valley, Rebecca Joan Santos Siegel of San Francisco, Oliva Lauren de Raadt St. James of San Francisco, Ella Sanford Storey of San Francisco, Quincey Alice Tickner of San Francisco, Nicole Katherine Vincelette of Hillsborough, Lauren Elizabeth Walker of Ross, Megan Elise Weber of San Francisco, and Carlyn Heather Ann Williams of Belvedere.


Photos by Drew Altizer.

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