San Francisco Social Diary: California Pacific Medical Center Holds Creative Opening Gala

San Francisco California Pacific Medical Center Hospital celebrated the launch of its new Van Ness Campus, a $2.3 billion state-of the-art facility, with a creative opening night gala.

Following ten years of planning and several years of construction, Sutter Health opened its new $2.3 billion state-of the-art California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) hospital in the heart of San Francisco. The new Van Ness Campus is one of four CMPC campuses in the city.

In celebration, the CPMC Foundation hosted a grand gala featuring bountiful buffets, music performances throughout, and interactive exhibitions that introduced attendees to the Van Ness Campus’s advanced medical technology and personal touches.

The CPMC Van Ness building is the first in North America to incorporate fluid viscous wall dampers, energy dissipation devices that have been widely used for earthquake protection of structures in Japan.


Four years ago, I attended a CPMC gala celebrating the start of construction on the Van Ness Campus. (It’s on the former site of the Cathedral Hill Hotel, opened in 1852 during the Gold Rush, at Van Ness Ave. and Geary Blvd.) I’m so impressed with the new facility: Here, the future of health care has officially arrived!

Financed entirely by the Sutter Hospital network’s own funds, the 11-floor, 1 million square-foot Van Ness Campus covers a full city block and offers 274 private acute-care beds and inpatient services that emphasize maternity care, pediatrics, transplant, emergency, and cardiac care, among other primary care services. Conveniently, it offers underground parking for 435 cars and valet parking too.

The hospital incorporates the latest in technology, safety, and efficiency, plus sustainable design. It features a living roof garden and public outdoor terraces.

A nine-story medical offices building across the street, connected by an underground tunnel, will soon be open to provide outpatient services.

Patients will appreciate that all 274 patient rooms are modern, clean—and private!—with garden or city views.


On this historic evening, over 950 guests were invited to take the first public look. The crowd included gala sponsors, Sutter and CPMC charitable partners, hospital leadership and physicians, San Francisco City officials, local influencers and philanthropists, and grateful patients and their guests.

Rather than follow the usual gala formula, the board chose to showcase the hospital and its cutting-edge medical technology. So, instead of being offered a conventional sit-down dinner, guests were invited to stroll through exhibits, dining, and performances spread across several floors.

Upon arrival, guests received personalized wearable bracelets to guide them through interactive “Patient Journeys.”

A variety of digital experiences showcased the hospital’s innovative services.

Medical technology at the hospital includes robotic-assisted surgical systems.

On the Surgery floor, guests tried their hand at robotic surgery via a digital touch table.

In a brand-new Maternity ward room, Suzy and Lory Wiviott observe the 64 labor/delivery and postpartum beds and a high-tech delivery process.


On each floor of the strolling gala, there were passed hors d’oeuvres, an abundance of food stations, themed cocktail bars, plush lounge seating, a dessert party, and live music.

On Level 2, guests enjoyed the “Conservatory of Flavors & Living Wall” in the Chuck Williams Café (named for the late founder of Williams Sonoma) and an all-night dessert pop-up.

Level 3 featured a “By-the-Bay Beer Garden.” Since I lived in Heidelberg, Germany during a college year abroad, I raced there for some German sausage and potato salad.

Level 3 offered live music by The Humidors.

On L1/L2, a Champagne Lounge was accompanied by live music from Brass Mafia.

Richard Hechler and Malin Giddings were among the guests dancing to the music on different floors.

The 11th floor Tiffany Lounge served up a luxury experience, including Dom Perignon Champagne, caviar stations, and live music by The Markstep Trio.

In the VIP Tiffany lounge, reserved for top donors, an artist demonstrated the art of engraving.


Some of the big donors who were rewarded for their generosity with naming rights: Roger and Sloan Barnett; Pamala and Ted Deikel; Caren and David Edwards; Randi and Bob Fisher; Dr. Harvey Glasser and his wife, Gail; Mimi Haas; Denise Hale; Shelby Notkin and his daughter Michelle; Ken and Debby Novack; Elizabeth Peters; Mary Beth and David Shimmon; and Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem.

Jan Shrem, Maria Manetti Shrem, Jeanne Lawrence, Denise Hale, and Alex Chases.

Robert Krohn, Nicole Needham, Pamala Deikel, and Ted Deikel, after whom the neo-natal intensive care unit is named.

CPMC Foundation Board Chair Sloan Barnett, son Lyle Barnett, mother Frayda Lindemann, and husband Roger Barnett.

Denise Hale named a waiting area in honor of her late husband, Prentis Cobb Hale.

CPMC Board Members Michelle Notkin and Allison Eisenhardt.

CPMC Board Member David Shimmon and Mary Beth Shimmon.

Laura King Pfaff, CPMC Board Member Gail Glasser, and Harvey Glasser.

Randi Fisher, Jessica Moment, and Kimberly Nunes.

CPMC Board Member Dr. Laurie Green and Dr. Yuan-Da Fan.


For this very successful evening, congratulations were in order for all the planners, especially the Event Chairs and Foundation Trustees: Sloan Barnett, Carol Bonnie, Carolyn Chang, Pia Cohler, Brad Defoor, Gail Glasser, Lisa Lenzo, Ken Novack, Jacqueline Sacks, and Allison Speer.

“For more than 150 years, it has been our privilege to serve every person who calls San Francisco home,” said Warren Browner, M.D., CEO of CPMC. “The opening of Sutter’s CPMC Van Ness Campus provides a new and conveniently located hospital for people living throughout the city and beyond.”

CPMC Board Member Allison Speer, CPMC CEO Warren Browner, CPMC Foundation Board Chair Sloan Barnett, and CPMC Board Member Carol Bonnie.

CPMC Board Treasurer Chris Lenzo, CPMC Board Member Bob Tomasello, Mohammed Kashani, and Lisa Lenzo, Chair of the CPMC Women’s and Children’s Leadership Council.

Natalie Lee, Marilyn Tortorice, David Sacks, CPMC Board Secretary Jacqueline Sacks, and Nicolette Lahlouh.

CPMC Board Member Dr. Martin Brotman and Sutter Health CEO Sarah Krevans.

Helene Edelson and CPMC President Karen Jeu.

Lynn Callander and Dr. Peter Callander, whose father John Callander was also a doctor at CPMC.

Jorge Maumer, Jane Mudge, Patrick King, CPMC Board Member Dr. Carolyn Chang, and Riccardo Benavides.

Dr. Bill Andereck, Peter Weber, Helga Andereck, and Karen Weber.

Dr. Fung Lam, Dr. David Minor, Molly Browner, and CPMC CEO Warren Browner.

Pam Baer, Doug Goldman, and Lisa Goldman.

Todd and Katie Traina.

Timothy and Athena Blackburn.

Jonathan Gans, Abigail Turin, Mimi Haas, Gina Peterson, and Stuart Peterson.

Sandra Farris and daughter Shannon Cronan.

Kelsey Lamond and CPMC Board Member David Lamond.

Jerry Grodsky and Roberta Sherman.

Victor and Farah Makras.

Taylor Nagle, Jennifer Nagle, Shannon Getty, and Nelson Mui.

Tim Waltemath, Ashley Waltemath, Kathryn Lasater, and Bo Lasater.

Mary Ellen Beninger, Daniel Girard, and Ann Girard.

Komal Shah and husband Gaurav Garg.

Suzanne Levit, Lindsay Bolton, and Alexis Levit.

Ron and Barbara Kaufman.

Eva Pena, Jerry Mapp, and CPMC Board Member Sharmin Bock.

Maryam Muduroglu, Oran Muduroglu, and Maya Segal.

Lisa Duffell, CPMC Board Member Shoshana Ungerleider, Wendy Armstrong, and Stacey Dobos.

Tony Wagner, Chair of the Sutter Health Bay Area Boards of Directors, his wife Benetta Wagner, Stella Lampsas, and Panos Lampsas.

Matt Cohler and CPMC Board Member Pia Cohler.

Angeli Jain and Ameet Nanda.

Susan and Kevin Stone.

Jacob Shea and Lauren Wolfe Shea.

CPMC Board Member Rebecca Lin and Millie Chou.

Havard Erlandsen and his husband, CPMC Board Member Jeffrey Gibson.

Robin Margolin, Rob Margolin, Michael Pappas, Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus, California State Assemblyman David Chiu, and Rita Semel.

Howard Zack, Dan Kingsley, and CPMC Board Member Kimberly Nunes.

Board Members Allison Eisenhardt and Shoshana Ungerleider.

Alison Carlson and Barbara Brown.

Mark Herrero and Tom Herrero, of Herrero Builders, the hospital’s general contractor.

Carol Costigan and Barbara Callander.

Jacqueline Sacks and Angela Braverman.

Vandy and David Boudreau.

Jeannie Austin, Jully Laxamana, Panos Lampsas, Jayme Hissam, and Larry Kollerer.

Renee and Tom Bolt.

Sonia Seem and CPMC Board Member Alan Seem.

Debbie DeKoch, Ruth Jaffe, Michael Pappas, Sheila Andrus, Bishop Marc Andrus, Dan Bernal, Tony Wagner, Benetta Wagner, Rita Semel, and Bob DeKoch.


Photos by Drew Altizer and courtesy CPMC.

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